The Show

The Rotary club of Papakura is holding what will beNew Zealand’s premium Classic Motorcycle Show, The New Zealand Classic Motorcycle Show. This is planned for the weekend of the 25th and 26th Januaray 2014 and will be held at the Vodafone Events Centre at ManukauCity.


The organisers and the Cause

The Rotary Club of Papakura is one of New Zealand’s most established Clubs with a membership of some 50 Rotarians. We are no strangers to holding substantial fund raising events and pride ourselves in the professional manner in which we approach and carry these out.

Each year the Rotary Club of Papakura contributes a considerable amount of time and money to both the Greater South Auckland Community and internationally. All profits from this Show will go towards the funding of many of these Club activities but primarily the funding of education for staff of The National Burn Unit.


The Venue

Telstra Pacific Events Center

Telstra Pacific Events Center

The Vodafone Events Centre, Great South Rd, Manukau City is recognised as one of Auckland’s premium venues ensuring any such event will be benchmarked against all other major events carried out in the city such as the Boat Show and the Speed Show.



$TBC  per person available at the gate only. Exhibitors and Sponsors tickets will be posted prior.


Show opening hours

Saturday          Public from 9.30am to 9.00pm.

Sunday            Public from 9.00am to 4.00pm


1/ Veteran        up to end of 1918

2/ Vintage        1919-end of 1931

3/ Pre war       1932-end of 1945

4/ Post war      1946-end of 1955

5/ Classic I      1956-end of 1966

6/ Classic II     1967-end of 1978

7/ Post Classic1979-end of 1990

8/ Best Honda

9/ Best Kawasaki       

10/ Best Suzuki

11/ Best Yamaha

12/ Best Continental

13/ Best American

15/ Best British

16/ Best Off road

17/ Best Japanese Dirt bike

19/ Best Scooter

22/ Best Competition

23/ Peoples choice.                                         

24/ Best Club or Group display                     


26/ Best in Show